Secret Ways To Win A Scholarship

Win a Scholarship
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With the high cost of education these days, winning a scholarship today has become much more competitive. You need to do everything right - yes! I mean everything that will keep the cost of your studies down. From the desk of a scholarship expert as well as an all-time selling Author Mark Kantrowitz. I have brought to you some of the secret ways you can boost your chances of winning a scholarship - it doesn’t matter if it scholarships for College, Degree Course, Masters program or the field or subject you are interested in, once done right, these few ways will land you your desired scholarship;

- Work On Your Priorities

Some students try to apply to all and every scholarship they come across - that is impossible. You must master the act of prioritization. You have to determine which or what kind of scholarship you need to apply to and as well when doing this, you have to consider the deadline alongside the expected value of the scholarship.

- You Have to Be an Organized Student

As a scholarship hunter, you have to make sure you keep track on all the scholarships you are hunting. Get a calendar and mark out all the deadlines, you can as well get a checklist to help you keep track of all the documents required for each scholarship.

- Map Out a Page Incorporating All Your Accomplishment

This is like an accomplishment resume - it should contain all your achievements. This will come in handy when you are filling out those application forms (as most of them will require you to state out two or three achievements while in school or at work). You can choose to include your achievement resume with your application if you feel comfortable about it.

- Fulfill the Scholarship Sponsor's Goals

Behind every scholarship out there is a sponsor. Every sponsor will have a set of unique goals. When you are putting down your application, make sure it is in line with their goals. A quick way to determine your scholarship sponsor goals is to consider why they want to sponsor the scholarship and the kind of students (applicants) they are looking for.

- Always Follow Instruction

This rule cannot be over emphasized. By not following instructions is one of the quickest ways you can eliminate yourself from a scholarship race even before you start running. Make sure you thoroughly read through the instruction - not just reading through them, you have to follow them.  Additionally, avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling errors or you risk your application ending up in a trash can.

- Always Find a Way to Stand Out 

Everybody is unique, you don’t have to be like the rest of the pack. Make sure you find a way to stand out. Clearly, send your dreams and hopes while writing your application. This will enable the selection committee to get a clear picture about who and why you are applying for the scholarship as well as why they should award you the scholarship.

- Get a Nomination

Sometimes scholarships will require that you get nominated before you will be considered. Don’t be shy to go out and ask for a nomination.  Submit your accomplishment CV to whoever is handling your nomination and lastly don’t forget to drop a thank you note to the nominator if you eventually get nominated.

- Provide a Super Essay

Endeavor to write and amazing essay, just be natural, don’t force it, you will know within you when an essay is amazing. State out points in your essay that supports your evaluation. Be as specific as you can be, and don’t leave any room for your reader to ask questions. To do this, you have to select and essay that allows you to showcase your originality. Avoid philosophical and controversial essays. Instead, pick essays that can allow you to showcase your ability to solve problems and above all be honest.

In your essay, avoid skipping questions. Always state out the most important information at the beginning (make a great first impression). Write about what interest you. Just like the Olshan Foundation Scholarship  you have to obey the word limit and don’t outsource your essay to professionals -write it yourself!

- Differential between Fellowship and Scholarship Applications

This will help you to determine the information you state on your application. Each type of scholarship comes with different demands, make sure your application is reflecting accordingly.

- Practice, Practice and Practice

Duplicate the application copy and try filling it. This will help you make sure that everything fits it. When you conclude that everything is where it supposed to be, then you can go ahead and fill out the actual application.

- Online Scholarship Applications

When submitting and application online, don’t use emoticons, smileys or informal abbreviations - you are not on Facebook. Reread your essay as many times as you can go.  Paste your application into the application form and be sure that the formatting is correct.  Save all emails in connection with the scholarship and after sending, double check and be sure that there is no failure notice on each email.

- Get a Great Letter of Recommendation

If your application requires a letter of recommendation, ask an advisor, teacher or employer and so on for a nice letter of recommendation. Give them your accomplishment resume, this will help them to write a great recommendation for you. Once again, don’t forget to send them a thank you note.

- Be Professional and Practice for The Interview

Be sure you are prepared if you have to go for an interview. It will make you be less nervous. One more thing, be on time and dress professionally. Be polite and leave a thank you note after you have been interviewed.

- Maintain Your Cool During Challenging Interviews

When an interview takes a sharp curve, stay calm and be positive. Don’t rush into providing answers, take a few seconds to think about them before dishing them out. If you are feeling pressured, try to deflect it by asking the interviewer about his advice or interest. As you know, people love talking about themselves, asking for your interviewer's advice is sure a way to reduce the pressure.

- Webcam and Telephone Interviews

If you are taking and interview through a telephone or webcam, be sure you are in a quiet room. Also, make sure you have a page of your accomplishment resume next to you. On the webcam, make sure the lens is clean, make sure the webcam is placed at your eye level and lastly make sure the background is uncluttered. You can take a snapshot prior to the interview to help you see what the interviewer is seeing.

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United States Students Scholarships - Olshan Foundation Scholarship

United States Students Scholarship
Photo Credit - Olshan Foundation 

The Olshan Foundation Scholarship is open to all nationalities. It comes with a mouth watery sum of $1000 to students pursing a degree from an accredited University in the United States. The good thing about this scholarship is that, it is granted for a year, but winners can reapply on annual basis. This means students can  multiple times as long as you are still taking a course in an accredited university in the United States.


To be eligible  for the Olshan Foundation Scholarship, the following criteria has to be met.

You must be an international student who is studying in a US accredited university, and you are 16 years and above.  Undergraduate students, high school students, master degree students as well as all adult learners are welcome to to apply for this scholarship.

Students who are enrolled or are committed to attend a 2-year, 4-year, or graduate program at an accredited US university are eligible.

Students must submit an official transcript that shows they maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Students Financial Situation, and (or) monetary awards received from previous scholarships does not have any preference on the Olshan Foundation Scholarship.

To Enter for this scholarship, fill and submit the form located (Here).

Applicants who have successfully completed the form should submit to the Olshan Foundation Facebook Page

Visit Olshan Foundation for more details

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Get Information Related To Scholarship Grants And Fellowship for International Students

International Student Scholarship Grant Websites

As an international student, getting a scholarship grant or scholarships from your fellowship union isn't that easy, especially when you are not based in the country where you seek such opportunities from. This requires a lot of searches here and there, visiting multiple pages on the internet and hoping that you bump into something that resembles what you are looking for. Well, that is not always the case. Today I will be sharing with you some amazing websites where you can get information related to scholarship grants and fellowship for international students. I chose these websites because they are always updated. I hope you will love them.

List of Websites for International Student Scholarship Grants

In other not to website your time, I will be starting with the most ranked website - HeySuccess

Heysuccess is known as one of the biggest online hubs for international students to search for online scholarship opportunities. On this website, you will find a wide range of fully-funded scholarships, competitions, and great jobs that you can opt for in and around the world. Scholarships on this website are listed with a lot of information - this makes it possible for international students to filter scholarships based on the type of opportunities they wan want - sponsorship, grants etc. International students can also fill in their location and all the scholarships and fellowship grants available for that location will pop up. Right on there, you can review the details (eligibility, description of the perfect candidate, dates etc) of these scholarships and know if you fit in or not. On Heysucess, you can also get details about the application process.

Second, on this list is Scholarship 360
As an international student, you probably already have a lot to worry about, that is why on scholarship 360, scholarships and grants for international students are categorically placed. You can find Athletic scholarships, Career scholarships, creative scholarships, diversity scholarships, easy scholarships, etc. you can even get political scholarships. It is a completely open service; you don't require a sign-up before searching for scholarships.

The third largest online scholarship board is ScholarshipExperts. This has been rated by Forbes as the best online scholarship and grant search base for international students. They have had their database since 2003 and they also incorporate a nice filtering process which ensures that international students only get to view those scholarships award that they are eligible for. As stated by scholarship 360, they never post scholarships on their site without verifying its legitimacy. Unlike many other scholarship search websites, they provide searchers with great customer services - they respond to emails and phone calls.

Fourth on the list is Scholfin

Schol Fin has won google start up prize for its services. Even though they have greatly channeled their consideration to Indian students, it is still a great scholarship search engine. It enables international students to narrow down their scholarship searches in other to select the most appropriate scholarship that will fit them. It has a huge database of about 10 million scholarships categorized based on regions, nationalities, and international availabilty. Their database can be sorted according to your subject and can also be listed according to your eligibility. One amazing stuff that they have incorporated in their system is the mobile alert. You can set up mobile alerts to notify you of new scholarships opportunities that you are eligible for. It is not only free,  it doesn’t bug your phone with excessive ads.

You will want to know that, most internationals students rarely qualify for financial packages that are available for local students. Most universities, however, have set out scholarship funds and grants to help international students. When compared to less known colleges, elite colleges have more of these programs available but there is a lot of competition attached to it.
Securing a scholarship as an international student for undergraduate studies in the UK, Australia, and the US is possible theoretically. You can end up dishing out 1000 applications, but it is rare that you are going to get full scholarship grants that cover your tuition fees. The exception to this rule is the government scholarships. So when searching for a scholarship grant as an international student, it is advisable to go for the less known colleges. Unless you know you are exceptional, then you can seek for a scholarship grant in the elite colleges.

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How Much Brian Jordan College Scholarship Foundation is Paying

Brian Jordan High School Scholarship

So far Brian Jordan who is a former star of the Alanta Braves as well as the Atlanta Falcons has award 17 students through his foundation. The Brian Jordan Foundation has so far established its mission by removing the economic limitations that are synonymous with getting higher education, and has also reduced the financial burden which students face. It has allowed rising seniors to go to college or attend any university of their choice.

Since its inception, the Brian Jordan Foundation has awarded 55 high school/college scholarships. In a press release, Jordan iterated that "  Every child has the potential to excel." This has served as the guiding principle for the Brian Jordan Foundation. He further went ahead to recap that " The fundamental reason for raising this foundation is to, honor his mother who was an educator."

Brian Jordan High School Scholarship
Recently, on the 8th of July, the Brian Jordan Foundation awarded an $85,000 scholarship to seventeen students who graduated from Buford High School. Just last fall, Dominique Martin signed a track and field scholarship. This took place at the Kennesaw State University.

See How Much Alton Sterling Son and Family Are Getting For Scholarship Fund Raiser

Alton Sterling

A drive for a scholarship fund raiser started by Actor and Writer Issa Rae to the family of the recently cop killing saga victim in the United States have seen the family of Alton Sterling getting above $500,000 as at the time of writing. This has surpassed the goal which was set at $200,000. Alton Sterling who was a 37-year old African-American was shot dead by two police officers in Baton Rouge after he was pinned on the ground. Reliable sources such as NOLA has reported that this happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  Alton Sterling's incident was captured and video tapped and has since gone viral across the social media. 

Even though Alton Sterling son Cameron and family who broke down to tears during a news conference will be living a fulfilled life from the proceed of this Fund Raiser, the dead of a father, a brother, and uncle cannot be forgotten. It is heart breaking to live and smile without a loved guardian.

The scholarship fundraising driver is still on, you can follow the link to make your donations - GO FUND ALTON STERLING FAMILY HERE